Our Story

I have always had troublesome skin and as I got older I found it harder and harder to find products that suited my skin. It had always been oily as a youngster but it became drier as I aged but it wasn't exceptionally dry. Products for dry skin were to heavy and made my skin too oily but products for oily or normal skin were not moisturising enough. This lead me to look into products made with natural ingredients. I found that a lot of the creams and moisturisers that were on sale contained chemicals and artificial ingredients. I started to research all the natural ingredients such as butters, vegetable oils, carrier oils and essential oils and I made a cream that contained all the ingredients that I thought would help my skin. I have never looked back. My skin is glowing and firm and completely balanced. It doesn't feel oily or dry and people are always telling me how well I look and that I Iook so much younger.

Natural ingredients only nourish your skin, they moisturise the deeper layers of the skin leaving your skin soft and supple. Many of the big cosmetic companies bulk out their products with cheap artificial ingredients. These ingredients can irritate your skin or make it even drier. They draw moisture from the lower layers of the skin so as soon as you stop using the product your skin starts to feel dry. All our products are full of therapeutic ingredients. 

Once you start using our products you will never look back.

At Jude Natural Skincare we are passionate about producing products that are made from completely natural ingredients. All ingredients are vegetable based with no animal testing, no parabens or artificial colouring or flavouring and do not contain any chemical ingredients.

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